November 21, 2017

As any U.S. Border Patrol agent will tell you, theirs is a place of business that is prone to “workplace violence.” The Big Bend area of Texas doesn’t get nearly as many illegal crossings as some other border locations because of the flowing river and rocky, mountainous terrain, but that didn’t keep two border agents from being ambushed there. One has died and the other, at this writing, is in serious condition.

The way it was put in the FBI statement (perhaps I should call it an “understatement”), they “died as a result injuries suffered while on patrol...responding to activity.” We are assured that gunfire was not involved. According to information released by the National Border Control Council, though, both agents were hit in the head with rocks in what appears to have been an ambush, and there is no indication, they say, that the agents fired their weapons. Agent Rogelio Martinez’ died of blunt force trauma to the head, and the 36-year-old dad from El Paso is just as dead as if he’d been fired upon with a barrage of AK-47s.

President Trump renewed his call for some fast-and-furious wall building. “We will, and must, build the Wall!”



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  • Kerry Laramore

    11/25/2017 05:25 AM

    I have always thought that the best deterrent to illegal immigration would be to remove the attraction of coming here. Stop hiring illegals to save a buck. I wouldn't mind paying a few cents more per pound for my apples and other fruits and veggies. Fine the companies heavily that hire anyone without documentation. As for the argument that they (illegal immigrants) take the jobs that no Americans want, try paying us a decent salary and see how many college and high school students apply.
    Also, take away the free housing, food, medical care and education and they will stay home. No more catch and release. No more anchor babies.

  • Johna J Meyer

    11/23/2017 01:58 AM

    Thank you for always bringing us news that isn't some place else. You are great and I follow you every day. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

  • Panella Frick

    11/21/2017 05:15 PM

    I think we should have the wall! However, even with any "affordable" wall, some illegal people will still get through. What we need is the wall and armed guards. So many nations have had walls and guards to keep their own people from leaving for more hoped-for freedom. The United States needs to keep those people OUT who do not enter our sovereign territory because they are wanted here or allowed here! Every viable nation must have borders and must have control over those borders, especially free nations like the United States. We risk civil unrest, loss of individual freedom and even war if we do not secure and protect our own borders. It shouldn't take a political genius to realize that, they can always look at the mighty Roman Empire
    to see what historically happens. We can not afford to be overrun by people who fail to share our existing values! First a softening of the popular will, then a weakening from within while forces from without become more powerful. then an overthrow of the very government selected by the majority of the people expecting their own governing body to protect them. It may be irrelevant, but It seems we Americans have always tried to be on God's side. When we slip away from the basic beliefs and protections at the foundation of our own nation we are inviting trouble and there are plenty of people, both here and abroad who would be delighted to cause us trouble if they could get away with it! As I see it, God has obviously helped keep our people safe and has blessed us in so many ways. When the unbelievers, the atheists and the disdainers get the upper hand, if our resources and our people and our belief in our God and our nation become exhausted, can the United States remain a powerful nation? How can we survive if God does not look favorably upon us? Would it not be Godless nation against Godless nation and that the one with the biggest and best weapons and the most will to win would be the survivor even though both "looser" as well as "winner" would be devastated? God Bless America========Please!
    Penny Frick
    Tellico Village, Tennessee

  • Kim Justice

    11/21/2017 04:59 PM

    Sadly, this story is receiving little to no coverage. We must pray for the families of our dear fallen and all those who put themselves at risk for our well being and safety everyday.

  • Bob Harrelson

    11/21/2017 04:50 PM

    The Big Bend area is a part of the toughest terrain along the Mexican Border. It would be almost impossible to build a wall along that area. Especially without destroying the area by blasting and reshaping. A portion is Big Bend National Park the NPS mission is to protect and preserve. How would blasting mountains to powder preserve? Then there is the wildlife that would be disrupted. After you get finished with the National park there is Big Bend State Park. So here you go again. Plus you would be messing with one of the few still free flowing areas of the Rio Grande. Seems like watch towers with snipers would be easier than a wall.

  • Omer Causey

    11/21/2017 04:34 PM

    Unclear from reports how the two agents got separated, or if in fact they were. Also unclear what rules of engagement or chosen tactics allowed hostiles to get close enough to kill an agent with rocks with no shots fired.

  • Roger Senechal

    11/21/2017 04:07 PM

    Love you, Mike Huckabee! I think you should have been an easy 3rd or even 2nd place choice. Would love to see a conservative with godly values AND with tongue control in the White House next time. Let Trump be in your Cabinet!! I am a solid Trump supporter but wish he would take to heart James 1:19-20.

  • Patricia A. McMahon

    11/21/2017 03:47 PM

    God Bless and keep the agent who was murdered. May God help the agent who needs to heal from his wounds. Please God console their family and friends. And may God's will be done to capture and punish their attackers. If the attackers are punished on earth, they may have a chance when they meet God themselves.