On our very first show, I said I wanted to provide a show that informed and entertained and covered issues of the day, but one that didn’t raise your blood pressure to 300/200. Tonight, I might unintentionally violate that pledge, but there’s no way for me to cover the topic without it making you mad. I’m certainly fed up and fired up.

Over the past several weeks, there has been an avalanche of stories involving powerful men exploiting and sometimes violating younger vulnerable women. Celebrities in entertainment, news, and politics have been exposed as sexual predators and many have resigned in disgraced or been abruptly fired. These are all tragic stories, but we’ve recently just been made aware of a different kind of sex scandal involving elected officials whose salary YOU pay for.

Over $17 million of YOUR money has been paid as hush money to victims of people in Congress who created a secret slush fund for their sexual sins. Let that sink in a minute. We have to assume that many of those who preyed upon staff members or others are still strutting around the Capitol. But it’s not enough that they have gotten away with sexual harassment and perhaps assault.

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It’s that they used YOUR money—not theirs—to pay the victims settlements so they would stay quiet and go away. It’s not the victims who need to shut up and go away! It’s the disgraceful officials who trampled over their victims and then stole money from the federal treasury to pay for what amounts to high-priced zipper repair. The crimes of these perverts should NOT be kept secret. The VICTIMS should be protected, but the perps who violated these women should be paraded in front of the nation and be forced to pay for their own misbehavior.

Fortunately Congressmen like Jackie Speier of California, a Democrat and Congressman Marsha Blackburn, a Republican are demanding that the lights be turned on. And when the lights are on, the rats and roaches will surely run for cover. I applaud the Congressmen and their colleagues for trying to open the windows and let the sun shine in. Whoever has used our money to pay for the silence of sexual victims should pay it back and if still in office, have the grace to resign. Republican or Democrat—doesn’t matter. This isn’t about left or right; this about right and wrong. It may be something that actually achieves bi-partisan support. I’m disappointed by the misdeeds of Hollywood celebrities, news anchors, or sports figures, but I’m outraged that any member of Congress would think it okay to cover their personal sins by paying the public’s cash to their victims that they stole from widows’ Social Security checks, from the salaries of our soldiers, or from the surgery needed by an impoverished child. If this upsets you, then good. It needs to. I’m furious. Washington wastes enough of my money without having ME paying for their inability to keep their hands to themselves.


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  • Pat Dickey

    12/11/2017 03:02 PM

    Mr Huckabee just want to say YOUR SARAH DAUGHTER IS BRILLIANT - watch her stand up to Patetic reporter's again today - she kicked their butt's -- all women should take notice of her - not like these pathetic lairs about the sex allegations - they just can't stand they didn't get their women in the WH - keep up the great work SARAH

  • George McCullough

    12/09/2017 10:43 AM

    I 100% agree!

  • Alice

    12/09/2017 09:14 AM


  • Timothy Bullock

    12/08/2017 03:38 PM

    Dear Mr. Huckabee,

    I have been a subscriber to your newsletter for years, and have enjoyed your comments emencely. You seem to find the right tone for most situations. Again your tone is correct. Although, in this instance, we should burn someone, or several someones, at the stake. I wonder which midnight-hour, horse-trade this slush fund rode in on. But, no matter which one it is abominable and certainly should be repaid and a bright light shone on the guilty parties. I agree that the recipients should be protected, but no country should pay for the sins of its representatives. As usual, they have forgotten who they serve.

    I wish you would help me spearhead a nationwide ballot initiative institute to term limits in both chambers of Congress. We can add the dissolution of this slush fund as an amendment.

    God Bless,


  • Sheri A. Zillmer

    12/08/2017 02:03 PM

    My husband (now retired) taught sexual harassment awareness classes that were mandated for the employees at the large corporation he was employed by in the state of WI. He is mystified as to the absence of sexual ethics in the halls of congress where congress men and women were making laws to protect workers at every level in our country. We both are wondering what did the congressional Ethics committee do?? besides doll out hush money.