November 17, 2017

Thanks to a year-long court battle by Judicial Watch, we finally have another small piece of the puzzle that is the Justice Department’s so-called investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email server and her mishandling of classified material.

Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe was only the assistant director for the FBI’s Washington office in July of 2015, when the investigator general at the State Department referred Hillary’s case to “HQ” (Headquarters) with the allegation that she had possessed classified material on her email server. He stated in a document dated October 23, 2016, that he was told nothing about the referral at that time. The memo appears to be McCabe’s attempt to place what he describes as the “small” and “special” investigation of Hillary in context with his wife’s unsuccessful bid for state Senate in Virginia and the breathtakingly huge donation of $675,000 she got from the Virginia Democratic Party, headed by Clinton “bagman” (I’m certainly not the first to use that term) Gov. Terry McAuliffe. The whiff of quid pro quo was so powerful, McCabe had to be smelling it himself.

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Even though he wasn’t part of the Hillary investigation when it started, his appointment as deputy director in February of 2016 ensured that he would be controlling the resources dedicated to it. As Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch points out, the conflict of interest here is so enormous that McCabe shouldn’t have been anywhere near the Clinton case. He did say he would recuse himself, yet he waited until just days before the 2016 election to do so.


As a sidelight, we already knew that Hillary isn’t used to being treated like other people, and she doesn’t like it. With all sorts of peripheral characters being swept up in a wide-ranging special counsel investigation into President Trump and his campaign, the idea that her own self-enrichment and attempted power grab might be put under the microscope –- as anyone else’s would surely be –- is leading her to throw around words like “dictator” when talking about the President. Frankly, I think we would have had a great deal more to fear about abuse of power if she’d been elected.

The allegations that Peter Schweitzer so specifically outlined in his book CLINTON CASH deserve to be taken seriously, and one important new revelation is the identity of the FBI informant who alleges corruption in the exchange of funds prior to the approval of the Uranium One deal by the Obama Administration. As reported by Reuters, he is lobbyist William D. Campbell, and though he was threatened with criminal prosecution by the Obama Justice Department if he spoke to Congress (!), his attorney, Victoria Toensing, assures us that he will indeed be testifying and providing documents. In typical fashion, Democrats say that any focus on this scandal is simply a diversionary tactic to pull attention from the investigation of the Trump campaign. I strongly suspect the opposite is true.


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  • Bob Gardner

    11/19/2017 09:44 PM

    I love your sense of humor!!! Keep it up!!!

  • Marilyn Pittman

    11/19/2017 07:19 PM

    Tom Cotton has done more than our congress, FBI, DOJ has ever thought about. Why don't they take a page from his playbook which is 'as friend of the court' file charges against the whole crooked lot of them. They should actually have much more clout which makes me believe they are doing nothing. You watch, before the 2018 elections, they will really get busy trying to make us rethink our votes. I am so tired of congress fighting President Trump on everything he promised us he would do. If I could vote for Tim Fitton's crew to be in congress, I would.
    Mr. Huckabee, I have long admired you for your character, honesty, truthfulness and scrappiness when needed (but always respectful). I always go to your emails to get the absolute truth. Thank you!


    11/19/2017 05:01 PM


  • Margaret Kost

    11/19/2017 12:41 AM

    Thank you Governor Huckabee for the current update. Do we see justice at the end of the tunnel? We have seen the 'venom and greed' of Bill and Hillary, but she is a sly piece of work. What difference does it make now if her 'nest egg' of ill gotten gains ruins her 'fake' honest reputation, as she and her part in the deep state try to wield their powerful PC ideals of what amounts to 'nothingness'? This is a good vs evil battle. Unfortunately, there is very little ethical virtue that Ms. Rodham-Clinton possesses. Pray for William D. Campbell's safety and good health, since he will testify and provide documentation against her. She is still trying to smear and incite the nation to impeach President Trump who loves this country and wants the people healthy, safe and provided for. I would say, 'shame on you' to her. I don't think she would acknowledge her shame but is excessively prideful, perhaps even delusional. Our founders were given divine guidance to protect against the emergence of a deep state and I pray America will not suffer for the damage of her part in this.


    11/17/2017 04:40 PM

    It's about time Hillary was held accountable for her crimes!!

  • William A. Clamp III

    11/17/2017 02:11 PM

    If we the irrelevant did any of the treachery she has been involved in, we would be on the inside looking out. Lock her up!

    I am not a robot !!!

  • Wanda Smith

    11/17/2017 02:05 PM

    What are citizens to do with the deluge of the hypocritical Congress, the corrupt USA Govt. agencies and their "Deep State" associate's criminal behavior? This has become overwhelming and absolutely "bone weary" to the point of total ridiculous and obvious evil. Persecution, murder, theft, self-righteousness against the law and the power hungry determination to control America is never-ending and gets worse by the hour. Are the American people totally helpless to stop this invasion of betrayal, treason and lawlessness?

  • Carol Jeanne Harned

    11/17/2017 02:00 PM

    Thank you, Mike, for your honest reporting. I always feel like I'm getting straight information from you.

  • Mary Francene Burns

    11/17/2017 01:48 PM

    We need to get those supporting documents before he commits suicide, has have others have committed suicide when they were to testify or otherwise tell the truth about Hillary Clinton. Be scared. Be very scared, my friend.

  • Lysle Mockler

    11/17/2017 11:35 AM

    Hopefully, William D. Campbell will be protected.