October 30, 2018

Other than California or Massachusetts, it would be hard to name a state more synonymous with “progressivism” than Oregon. Somehow, just in the space of the run of the TV sitcom “Portlandia,” the image of Portland has devolved from amusing time capsule of hippy-dippy quirkiness to angry leftists blocking the streets, attacking cars and screaming at people who dare hold different political views. 

But are the majority of Oregonians really on board with all the crazy ideas of today’s “so-far-left-they’ve-left-sanity-behind” liberals? We’ll find out next week. 

Oregon is one of the oldest “sanctuary states,” having overwhelmingly passed a law in 1987 to block local police from helping to enforce immigration laws.  That and all the social services have made Oregon a magnet for illegal immigrants.  There are an estimated 146,000 living in Oregon and costing taxpayers $1.22 billion a year.  And there are signs that many Oregonians don’t want to “put a bird on it” (“Portlandia” reference), they want to stick a fork in it. For instance, in 2014, Oregonians voted 2-1 to repeal the law providing drivers’ licenses to illegal immigrants.  

And on Tuesday, they will vote on a measure backed by immigration reformers and at least 16 Oregon sheriffs to repeal the 1987 “sanctuary state” law.  Opponents say it’s a failure and it’s victimizing law-abiding citizens. The repeal campaign has been fueled by a number of recent events, including the growing “caravan” heading northward from Central America, and the case of Sergio Martinez.  He was an illegal immigrant in Portland who was released from jail instead of being turned over to ICE, despite having been deported 13 times before.  He then sexually assaulted two women and was sentenced to 35 years in prison.  

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Defenders of the sanctuary law argue that only a small handful of illegal immigrants commit serious crimes so they don’t need to cooperate with ICE to deport those who have.  Which is like saying that only a small handful of citizens commit serious crimes, so we don’t need to build jails for those who do.

As you head to the polls to cast your vote, think of Oregon as a microcosm for the entire immigration debate. National-level Democratic strategists are desperately trying to deny that they want to open the borders, abolish ICE and do away with immigration laws, even as their base demands those very things.  But in Oregon, they had their way, and the Sergio Martinez case was the result. Tragically, it’s nowhere near the only such example.  If a liberal policy is a proven, deadly failure on the state level, so much so that many Oregonians want to reverse it, why on Earth would you vote to empower people who want to impose it nationwide?


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  • Patti Myers

    10/31/2018 01:28 PM

    Thank You, Governor Huckabee, for noticing our “Plight” here in Oregon ?? You are correct in saying “Most” Oregonians have “had it” with our Politicians “bowing” and taking “orders” from George Soros ??

    About 8 years ago while passing through downtown Portland I saw a “group of people”, marching around the “Old Post Office”, chanting “Death to Israel”.. I could not believe what I was seeing & hearing??

    Happy I live in Suburbs of Portland... “Evil” has taken over the city ????

    My vehicle has Bumper Sticker “Make America Great Again” ???????????????? My Prayer is to affix “Keep America Great” right next to it ???????????????? I Just can’t get enough of “ Winning” ??

  • Adrienne Johnson

    10/31/2018 08:54 AM

    I appreciate your dedicated service to our wonderful country. Hopefully the people of Oregon will vote to repeal their sanctuary status and help guide other states/cities in doing the same.

    Please know that your daughter's strength and fortitude are recognized and also appreciated. God bless you both.

  • Kimber Bogema

    10/31/2018 03:35 AM

    Dear Governor,
    Thank you for all you do, and the straight shooting you do while writing with none of the media spin.
    As a Canadian with a weak, immature punk running the show here, I am ashamed and worried. Here, with millions of taxpayers dollars down the drain because of the wide open borders and so called refugees coming to us despite already being safe where they were, we already have problems.
    We have agreements where, once in the USA, they are no longer a refugee because they are safe already. Is that no longer the case? Or is it just convenient for our leader to ignore it?
    They just get a better deal and rubber stamped citizenship in Canada, free health care and on and on. Our veterans and seniors suffer neglect and we are importing such large numbers of people that we have no hope to even have them learn and obey our laws, customs, culture and language.
    Instead, we have large areas where there is none of that, and the local Imam runs the show according to the Koran. I was told that Islam’s goal is to rule every land and every human under the backward sharia laws or be killed. Period, full stop.
    Made my blood run cold.
    Most immigrants coming here properly through regular channels want to come to escape much of this, and the resulting conflicts.

    I am afraid for my grandchildren.

    I hope to meet you someday Sir, it would be an honour to shake your hand.

    Yours sincerely