Media bias on display at Olympics

February 12, 2018

In case you hadn’t heard, the Winter Olympics in South Korea are now underway (they started on Friday, but so far, TV ratings are way down from four years ago). It’s understandable, given the recent nuclear brinksmanship by North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, that his sudden decision to send athletes, cheerleaders and his sister to the Olympics would receive major news coverage. But some of the coverage has ranged from baffling to sickening. Some of our Western news outlets are drooling over North Korea so much, they may be creating a slippage hazard for the ice skaters.

I know these biased outlets hate President Trump and would do anything to diminish his Administration, but when they actually celebrate the transparent propaganda tactics of the most brutally oppressive regime on Earth while denigrating the presence of our own Vice President and ignoring the father of Otto Warmbier, a young American who wasted away to death in a North Korean prison, and three other Americans who are still being held under God-knows-what conditions, they are taking journalistic malpractice to a new and deadly low. Don’t believe they’re that bad? Read some of the quotes at the link. Not since the New York Times’ Russian correspondent fell to his knees to kiss Stalin’s rump have Western media outlets so embarrassed themselves in front of the world.

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Our media are going gaga over Kim Jong Un’s sister as if she’s the Kardashian of Korea and seem totally smitten with the team of pretty cheerleaders that Kim sent. In fact, it’s hard to tell who’s doing the most cheerleading for North Korea: its own cheerleaders or our media.

I wonder if these “journalists” ever ponder the similarity to the “Happy Corps,” a team of women (some of whom are reportedly kidnapped from their families at gunpoint by the military) who “entertain” Kim and are forced to act as concubines to him and other top male officials? Kudos to the media outlets who actually recalled the 2006 North Korean cheerleaders who were sent to a prison camp for talking about what they saw in South Korea. NBC went so far overboard in its idol worship for Boy Leader’s cheerleaders, they even tried to delete one of their tweets, but the Internet is forever.

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Meanwhile, CNN’s attempts to make Kim Jong Un’s sister, Kim Yo Jong, into some sort of brutal totalitarian Princess Diana because she looks good at the Olympics, are going over on Twitter like a dog meat stand at a PETA convention. To be fair, their original story does mention her role in her brother’s horrific dictatorship, and the pesky fact that she couldn’t be joined by her uncle or half-brother because they were both assassinated by her sibling. But how could anyone hold that against her, what with the “Mona Lisa smile” on her “young, telegenic face”?

The reason people are so intrigued by Mona Lisa’s smile is that it’s so enigmatic. You can’t tell what she might be smiling about. In Kim Yo Jong’s case, I don’t even want to think about what she might be smiling about, considering she and her brother are apparently the only people in North Korea who are able to smile when there isn’t a camera on them.

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Comments 1-5 of 43

  • Sherry E Shrum

    02/23/2018 09:40 AM

    I did not watch the Olympics. Unfortunately, in my opinion, the games lost their glimmer. NBC lost theirs previously. I agree with everything you said, everything! NK went to Olympics just to spread their propaganda & their dreams of superiority. BTW: I immensely enjoy listening to your daughter during those press briefings! She is super intelligent & holds her own against the evil media. ??

  • Jesse Tomblin

    02/16/2018 02:57 PM

    The MORON MEDIA like those they have their heads in the rectums of the Democraps will NEVER pick America over even the VILEST DESPOT. See their idol and god Obozo the EGOTISTICAL MORONIC CLOWN said America was to blame for all the WIES of the World and the MORON MEDIA cannot let his LIES die so they HATE America as he does.

  • Janice Short

    02/14/2018 06:33 PM

    I was watching the opening ceremony until the fake media announced that the "unified country of Korea" would march in next. What a joke! I turned my TV off, then. What a lie! Kim Jong-Un just radiates evil. How can the fake news kiss butt with him & hate President Trump?

  • Dick Lardinois

    02/14/2018 05:23 AM

    I agree Mike, North Korea seems to be glorified by the media. It was not long before the Olympics when missiles were fired over Japan and threats were made against USA. Now they are made to look good which is misguided at best ! If NK were that great it would not be necessary to have to escape there at great personal risk as well as the retribution against family left behind !

  • Carolyn Sue Walden

    02/13/2018 06:44 PM

    Thanks, Mike for your insightful, courageous and witty commentaries that keep me informed on so many fronts.