June 13, 2017

One thing today’s most prominent liberals have in common is a sense of self-regard far out of proportion to reality. Maybe it comes from having attended at least 16 years of school where the #1 goal wasn’t learning to think but instilling self-esteem. They came out with an unshakable belief that they are right about everything (you’ll often hear them wonder why they keep losing elections when they’re “on the right side of all the issues”), which leads many of them to assume that anyone who disagrees with them must be either evil or stupid. It’s a perilous attitude because it constantly sets them up for a fall due to underestimating their opponents. And there’s no one they’ve underestimated to greater agony than Donald Trump.

Time and again, the anti-Trump legions have allowed something Trump said to bait them into running around screaming like their hair was on fire, and their overreactions ultimately made them look foolish. Now, it’s beginning to appear that Trump’s tweet about how James Comey had better hope there are no tapes of their conversations might have been just another case of him deliberately waving a red flag to head-fake his bull-headed opponents. Check out this story: the Wall Street Journal demanded that the Secret Service provide any information on tapes of White House conversations. Their response: they have no records that any such tapes exist. Trump even teased the media again last Friday when he said he’ll explain that tweet soon and “you’re going to be very disappointed when you hear the answer.”

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Could it be that the answer is that he was simply making sure that when Comey went public, he had to worry that if he didn’t tell the truth, he’d be exposed; so that when he testified before the Senate, he was forced to admit that he had told Trump three times that he wasn’t under investigation and that he’d leaked that memo about their conversation to the press himself? And if you go back and look at Trump’s tweet, did he SAY there were tapes? No. He merely said that Comey had better “hope” there are no tapes. The lesson, and it also applies to all the Democrats salivating for any reason to try to impeach Trump on obstruction charges: Saying you “hope” for something isn’t the same thing as confirming something. You’d think that people who twice elected a President just on a vague promise of “hope” would at least know what the word means.



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  • Kay Womack

    06/16/2017 06:37 AM

    Dear Mike Huckabee,
    Thank you for keeping us informed. I trust you with information.
    Sure wish the Republicans would get behind Trump all the way.
    John McCain needs to retire..
    Sincerely, Kay Womack

  • bonnie l.scott

    06/15/2017 11:20 PM

    I enjoy reading your clear-headed thoughts and insight.

  • Marilyn Stogdill

    06/15/2017 09:22 PM

    Dear Governor Huckabee: Does anyone have any idea how much it is costing us tax payers for these rediculious special investigations that seem to have no end, all in an attemp to have President Trump removed from the office for which he was elected? At what point do we say enough is enough, and send the DNC the bill? And how can you begin to talk to any child about "respect" after seeing any of this _____ on TV or their iPhone? I really appreciate receiving your newsletter every day. An excellent source of truth.

  • Darrel B. Couch

    06/15/2017 06:01 PM


    Darrel B. Couch from Little Rock here. Home of Trailer Trash on Stilts.

    HRH HRC keeps providing all of the excuses why she lost the election. My answer is - God opened the eyes of enough people in the right places to see and understand Hilliaries evil, wicked, and illegal / criminal deeds, that they voted "To Make America Great Again". In my book, my story about why we got Obama is titled "Fear Not". The basic theme is, God gave us a wake up call. Several references came from the book of Daniel.

    Check 12,


  • Maris Hodges

    06/15/2017 04:26 PM

    Thank you for speaking words I would write if I had better writing skills. None of this madness makes any sense. We have a loving, close family but I grieve and am saddened that 2 families are Liberal and one of them is typical progressive with mean thoughts. Of course they cannot articulate what their agenda is or a solution to the problem. So we don't talk politics. Thank you for all you are doing by writing these posts. I have given to the cause but am on a fixed income so giving is sporadic. Wish I could do more.

  • Chris Gerber

    06/15/2017 01:40 PM

    Sock it to 'em!!! And hope there are no tapes. LOL...

  • Tim Skiles

    06/15/2017 12:44 PM

    I don't think I like the democrat party after 8 years of Obama....

  • Donald E. Renninger

    06/15/2017 12:10 PM

    Going directly from H.S. into college or other higher learning is about the most stupid thing a teenager abetted by his/her parents can make. Assuming no physical impairment at least two years of military service with reserve requirements afterwards is the "best way" to obtain some "street smarts" as the sayings goes. Immediate benefits learn to make decisions on your own and beginning to realize the country/nation or whomever owes you nothing and you must earn "your dime".

  • Gladys Hizer

    06/15/2017 11:52 AM

    Never in the past have I ever thought I should be afraid of a Democrat (liberal) but now I'm not so sure. As a senior citizen woman, I don't consider myself evil or stupid but have on many occasions been treated as stupid despite my 5+ years of education. Thank you, Mike Huckabee, for my education in politics as a life long learner.

  • Nancy Roberto

    06/15/2017 11:25 AM

    Mike...your comments are so succinct, so targeting of those who use anonymity and false narrative to push their progressive agenda!

  • Ashley Holtam

    06/15/2017 11:03 AM

    Amen Mike, you definitely hit the nail on the head. Keep up the great work or reporting the facts.

  • Gwen Swank

    06/15/2017 11:03 AM

    I've always liked your down to earth commentaries where I get the news from someone that knows the politics.

  • Frances Flinchum

    06/15/2017 10:50 AM

    I really like your comments. I have liked the way you think since I heard you many years ago speak after you lost weight and your TV show.. Keep the common sense commentary coming which is uncommon in Washington.

  • Robert Deplorable Baublitz

    06/15/2017 10:30 AM

    Go President Trump, go! God bless you, and God bless Mike Huckabee!
    Make America great again!

  • Bob Brown

    06/15/2017 10:21 AM

    During the campaign I felt you were the most solid choice for president and I supported you financially. I agree with everything that you say and it warms my heart to learn that I am not alone. God Bless You.

  • Lacy Eaves

    06/15/2017 09:51 AM

    Unfortunately people take everything President Trump says ver batim. They do not understand that he is not a conventional president or a politician. He is tweeting for peats sake. So I agree with you, however it opens him up to these accusations that he is a liar because he says things then contradicts them at a later time. He feels that the tweets offset the leaks and misinformation of the press and as you pointed out he may be correct.

  • Lacy Eaves

    06/15/2017 09:36 AM

    Love it, Mike. Especially your comments on "hope"!! lol. You remind me so much of my wonderful deceased husband who was born and bred in Arkansas and full of "COMMON SENSE"!
    I think that is a much needed trait that needs to return to America. God Bless you and yours and keep these newsletters coming, I love it!!

  • Patricia Croft

    06/15/2017 09:28 AM

    Could not have said this more clearly. Thank you!!! They took everything Obama said at face value because of his cool calm demeanor.

  • tom jeffs

    06/15/2017 09:27 AM

    Lucca Brazzi - - - AND Comey got the message - - -

  • Allen M Swatsworth

    06/15/2017 09:23 AM

    Great article. Who was it that said "You can bait him (President Trump) with a tweet."; oh yes it was the left. Oops, looks like they have trouble looking at the bait before they swallow it hook line and sinker. While I don't follow the tweet machine I watch the news on Fox and when I heard of this tweet about tapes I read the tweet and said to myself, "The man is baiting them again." and it worked.

  • Deborah Boocher

    06/15/2017 09:18 AM

    I love reading your newsletter every day. It's a breath of fresh air. Thank you for standing!! God Bless!!

  • Shirley Weaver

    06/15/2017 09:13 AM

    Simply awesome, clear thinking.
    You go, Mike !

  • Rev Phillip LEMKIN

    06/15/2017 09:13 AM

    I thank GOD that I had sense enough to support you when you ran for this office & you ran so close, but the church voters were just NOT ready for an HONEST MAN of INTEGRITY with a great track record. NOW, we are MORE than ready to support a man with so many liars, cheats & evil-minded detractors out there who refuse to accept any reality. We have come to this place because of communist subversion & infiltration through schools & colleges to those now being elected constantly into office by people unable to think or discern TRUTH or JUSTICE, which are the foundations of morality according to the Word of God, that they have willfully rejected. Hypocracy & double-standards are the normal to their lifestyles and this situation cannot continue without dire results that we see everyday. Even when faced with good news, they twist & distort everything through their lenses of hatred & anger and condone even violence to justify themselves, but GOD is NOT MOCKED, for as they have sown, so shall they also reap to themselves.
    We have been pushed around by liars for too long.
    We have been in constant Prayer for Donald Trump since way before the election that he won easily with 84% of Counties supporting Donald Trump. What don't these foolish people understand about 306 Electoral College Votes to Hillary Rotten's 227?
    Of course, California voted the OPPOSITE to reality here in Santa Cruz, especially, but then they put Gov Moonbeam back for ANOTHER TWO TERMS after he destroyed the State in his first TWO terms. (What do TERM LIMITS mean to DemocRATS?) Oh that's called VOTER FRAUD, and they rule many of the courts that resist cleaning electoral rolls of fake voters & multiple voters, felons (McAuliffe in Virginia gave 60,000 of them the vote in order to "win" the State for the criminals) & dead people & illegals.

    Righteousness will exalt AMERICA, whether they like it or not.

    In four years many deceived people will wake up, but at what cost?

  • Sheila Lotz

    06/14/2017 01:57 PM

    I n't know what it is!believe President Trump is dumb like a fox. He has superb instincts and follows them, regardless of what others say! He has a plan, we just do

  • Adelina Alberghini

    06/14/2017 01:45 PM

    You'd think they'd have caught on by now, wouldn't you, but nooooooo. Seems they really **aren't ** as smart as they think they are!! Outsmarted again!!

  • Karen T.

    06/14/2017 09:08 AM

    I knew the President was trolling Comey. He keeps trolling the media and his political enemies and they keep taking the bait, which appears to be turning even some of the left against the media and their gods LOL

  • Natalie Heflin

    06/14/2017 05:03 AM

    why is this not being reported on.

  • Sega

    06/14/2017 03:21 AM

    When President Trump first tweeted about "tapes" I thought it was in reference to the recently discovered existence of a recording of the Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch meeting on the tarmac. The recording was deemed classified which seems to dismiss the claim of "golf and grandkids" they made before. AG Sessons was blocked from access to the recording due to it being classified, which made no sense to me. I think there is a race to get copies of it before Hillary deletes them all.

  • Mary Fortuner

    06/14/2017 12:35 AM

    Agree 100%. So sick of Liberal's insane magnification of imagined or implied wrongdoings and their inability to even see when they're being played as fools by their own crazy obsession. It is as if they all had lobotomies and are incapable of logical, focused, civil thought and conversation. They are like addicts thirsting after their "next fix", oblivious to all but getting it however and wherever they can. I watch in amazement and hold my ground and pray the country can continue till equilibrium can be restored.

  • Kathy Dagneau

    06/13/2017 08:40 PM

    Well said and very accurate. Never underestimate President Trump, who in my humble opinion will go down as the best President of all time. I certainly believe he is the man called to lead in these times we are in - he won't quit and won't let the left take him down. #winning