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October 19, 2022

Despite their phony bravado, it’s becoming clear that top Democrats know that for them, the upcoming elections will make Custer’s Last Stand look like a custard stand. They’re already going through some of the five stages of grief over the impending death of their brief, disastrous reign of power.

For instance, Nancy Pelosi is still in stage one: denial. When MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell asked her about polls that are bad for Democrats and trending worse, and that show Republicans have a clear advantage on the issues most important to voters (the economy and inflation), Pelosi replied, “I don’t agree.”

When Mitchell pointed out that even the New York Times poll showed this, Pelosi said, “I dismiss that.” She called that poll "an outlier,” even though the Real Clear Politics Average of Polls shows the same thing with Republicans ahead across the board. But hey, maybe all the polls are outliers!  

To give you an idea of how Nancy’s deep denial is, she claims that “women’s concerns about their freedom” is still a big issue. If she means freedom to kill their babies up until the moment of birth, that issue has been dropping in the polls. Women should be more concerned with their Second Amendment freedoms if they want to be safe from all the criminals Democrats keep letting back onto the streets.

And maybe they are more concerned about that, since Pelosi will also have to deny another New York Times poll showing an eye-popping 32-point swing from Democrats to Republicans among Independent women voters.

But then, we shouldn’t expect any connections with reality from someone who claims we have inflation because Joe Biden has created millions of jobs.

Speaking of Biden, he seems to have entered the bargaining stage of grief, but deal-making is yet another way in which he falls far short of Donald Trump. The Saudis refused his attempts to get them to increase oil production or to delay cutting it until after the election. It’s also been revealed that the Administration tried to get the Democratic leaders of El Paso not to declare the overwhelming numbers of illegal immigrants as an emergency until after the election (say, wasn’t that called “election interference” under Trump and treated as an impeachable offense?)

(Side note: Did you know that the Democrat leaders of El Paso have been busing illegal immigrants elsewhere for months, and have just signed a contract to keep doing it? The same media that attacks Republicans for doing that hasn’t made a peep about the Democrats doing it.)

Biden is also trying to bribe gullible voters with just-until-the-election’s-over lower gas prices by draining another 10-15 million barrels of oil from our depleted Strategic Petroleum Reserve, in hopes we’ll be too dumb to realize that (A.) it’s just a temporary fix for a massive problem he created himself, and (B.) our tax money will have to pay to refill the SPR at vastly inflated prices.

But the surest sign of the Democrats’ desperation came with Biden’s announcement yesterday that voters have to turn out to increase Democrat majorities in Congress so he can pass a bill to codify Roe v. Wade into federal law. 

He even made a speech about it that was such a train wreck, someone should’ve dialed 911. He actually ended it with, “Thank you, I’m sorry,” which is how he should end all his speeches.

To help you laugh through your tears, here’s a write-up of that “festival of senility and bad politics” by Bonchie at

There are all sorts of things wrong with Biden’s Hail Mary pass (forgive me for using a Catholic term for this abomination), many of which I’ve already written about. For instance, the SCOTUS ruled that abortion is a state concern. The Democrats’ bill doesn’t codify Roe; it would greatly expand it (Roe allowed for laws protecting viable fetuses; the Dems’ bill would allow taxpayer-funded abortion on demand right up through birth.) And they already tried this bill and even with the majorities they had that aren’t going to get larger, it still died in Congress (you’d think they’d be happy it was snuffed out before it was born.)

But the really interesting question is, “Why is Biden pushing a radical abortion bill to try to gin up support at the polls?” This is the point in elections when parties have usually nailed down their base and are trying to appeal to centrist swing voters, yet Biden’s promoting a radical abortion position backed by less than one-fifth of voters. And they’re the kind of voters who could be mugged by an illegal immigrant criminal just let out of jail by a Soros-funded D.A. and still crawl on bloody knees past miles of homeless camps just to get to the polls and vote Democrat again. Why does Biden think he needs to bribe them to turn out and vote?  

As bad as the public polls are, I have to assume this means the Party’s internal polls look worse than Marie Antoinette’s horoscope.

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Comments 1-2 of 2

  • Mary lytton

    10/23/2022 11:01 PM

    They cheated before to win and they will certainly do it again. It may seem like a slam dunk but I am skeptical. FBI will not investigate cheating and attorney general will not move to prosecute. Will still vote and hope for the best.

  • Christine Mitchell

    10/19/2022 04:24 PM

    Let's pray the poles are correct, and heavily leaning right