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April 21, 2023

John Fetterman finally returned to the Senate after a protracted hospital stay for the first meeting of the subcommittee he now chairs. The good news: he was dressed appropriately in a suit and tie. The bad news: everything else. The poor man struggled both to understand other people and to communicate with others, even when trying to read prepared remarks.

It’s obvious that after suffering a severe stroke and not taking the time and rest for rehab that he needed, he is simply not physically capable of serving as a US Senator. Fetterman’s spokesman accused Republicans of “attacking John’s health,” but that’s not what anyone is doing. They’re criticizing people like him who refuse to acknowledge his health problems.

I have nothing but sympathy for him personally, and I pray for him to make a full recovery, but I fear that’s not going to happen while he struggles to handle such a high stress job. He should not have run (or been pushed to run by people who put their hunger for political power above his health.) The Governor should appoint a replacement now so that Fetterman can concentrate on recovering fully, if that’s even still possible at this point.

But that’s not likely to happen because the Democrats in Pennsylvania need to keep him in office long enough to avoid a special election, so they don’t risk losing the seat. Once again, they’re cynically demonstrating that their holding on to power is far more important to them than John Fetterman holding on to his health.

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