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September 6, 2023



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Federal judge strikes down Texas law

A federal judge struck down Texas’ new law banning minors from accessing adult websites like Pornhub. The legal ruling is at this link, with the judge finding that the law wasn’t narrowly tailored enough toward blocking minors and infringed on the sites’ free speech by forcing them to repeat government-approved language that kids wouldn’t understand.

Let’s hope Texas – and other states – give it another try and write another law more carefully. In the meantime, at least we know somebody on the Internet still has free speech. You just have to be pushing porn and not questioning the government.

Today’s Huckabee Video Links

This is my monologue from last weekend’s “Huckabee” on TBN, on why 2024 could be our last election decided by ballots and not bullets.

And here is that full episode, featuring my guests, former Supreme Allied Commander of NATO Gen. Phillip Breedlove, Dr. Carol Swain, comedian Jeff Allen and singer/celebrity chef Rachel Hale.

SCOTUS takes the case

The Supreme Court will take up one of the attempts to keep Donald Trump off the 2024 ballot by claiming he is disqualified for committing insurrection under the 14th Amendment.

None of the people pushing this seem to be deterred by the petty details that Trump (A.) didn’t commit insurrection, (B.) was impeached over his actions on January 6th and acquitted, and (C.) has not only never been convicted of insurrection, he wasn’t even charged with insurrection by Jack Smith, who would charge Trump with murder for swatting a fly if he could get away with it.

Even if the Supreme Court swats this ridiculous case like a fly, don’t expect this gambit to go away. Trump’s enemies are so desperate to keep him off the ballot, they’ll find any excuse to do it, including, as this article notes, Democrat secretaries of state in blue states attempting it in hopes that they can stretch out the legal battle until just after the election.

I wonder why these people who claim to care so much about protecting “our democracy” are so frantic to prevent the American people from selecting their own President?

A new sentencing record

Yet another new sentencing record has been set for January 6th defendants, with Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio being sentenced to 22 years in federal prison on seditious conspiracy and terrorism charges. Tarrio wasn’t even in DC that day (he’d been ordered out of town for allegedly defacing a BLM banner – also a federal offense, I assume) and was in a hotel in Baltimore. But prosecutors accused him of being the organizer of an assault on the Capitol to prevent Biden from being certified President. I guess they didn’t believe at the time that Biden was certifiable, which we all now know to be true.

Tarrio’s attorney said he is no terrorist but a “misguided patriot,” and that he comes from a place (Cuba) that has no rights and mistakenly thought he was protecting America. Before being sentenced, Tarrio said, “To the men and women of law enforcement who answered the call that day, I’m sorry. I have always tried to hold myself to a higher standard, and I failed. I failed miserably. I thought of myself morally above others, and this trial has humbled me. I am not a political zealot. When I get back home, I want nothing to do with politics, groups, activism or rallies.”

Not to defend what Tarrio did, but Tristin Justice at the Federalist reminds us of the many unquestionable domestic terrorists on the left who attacked police, burned government buildings and businesses and tried to kill people, showed no remorse whatsoever, and were released with minor consequences or no charges filed at all. And Democrats wonder why so many Americans believe all those indictments against Trump are nothing but politics.

Congressional redistricting rulings will impact 2024 race for control of the House

In recent days, courts have ruled against Congressional district lines in both Florida and Alabama. These will have an impact on the 2024 elections and could help determine who controls the House. There will likely be appeals, so I won’t go into too much detail, but Jennifer Oliver O’Connell has a good explanation and analysis of it all at

Baffling behavior

President Biden left everyone baffled when he suddenly turned and walked out right in the middle of a Medal of Honor ceremony for a Vietnam War hero.

To put the most positive spin on it, maybe he just heard an ice cream truck.

A leaked Kaiser Permanente DEI training video makes news

A “horrified” hospital employee at Kaiser Permanente leaked a DEI training video for medical employees that included children talking about how they knew they were transgender when they were three or four years old.

It also includes a dad talking about how his very young son would write notes to Santa and the Easter Bunny, asking to be turned into a girl. And an adult trans male is shown saying, "When I was 3, I decided that I was going to be a father and marry Janet Jackson."

I think that last paragraph alone tells you just how firm a grasp on reality three-year-olds have. So why not let them make diagnostic decisions that will permanently alter their bodies?

Kaiser Permanente issued a statement saying that while the video does include this content, “the video does not speak to any adolescent transgender care or treatment plans. Kaiser Permanente does not provide hormone treatments or gender-affirming surgery to 3 and 4-year-olds."

Good. So why does the video include that content?

Progressives know best

To me, one of the most fascinating things about “progressives” like AOC or Bernie Sanders is their ironclad belief that, despite having zero experience at anything useful, they know how to do every job better than the people who actually do them. They can predict the weather better than meteorologists, write health policies better than doctors, run the energy industry better than oil companies, conduct every business better than the people who own them, and on and on. They think that guiding and predicting next-wave technology should be their job, not the job of actual experts in the field in a free market. And if you point out obvious ways in which their ignorance is showing, they try to silence you.

I suspect that Self-Esteem Class was the only class they actually made A’s in. For instance, their top climate science guru, Al Gore, made grades in college science classes that ranged from C+ down to F.

Here are a couple of fresh examples of leftists who should’ve let someone qualified do the thinking...

The Biden White House wants to spend more than $60 billion on its “Internet For All” program to bring high speed Internet to rural areas. I’ll let you argue whether that’s a legitimate function of government, but look at how they want to do it. They want to spend an average of $53,000 per household (more than some of the homes they’re servicing are worth) to install fiber optic Internet lines.

FYI: Elon Musk – whom they constantly target for harassment for defending the First Amendment – has a company that can provide satellite Internet for a tiny fraction of that cost. But obviously, they know more about the tech business than Elon Musk.

Problems with EVs Part II

And I’ve been telling you for quite a while about all the problems with electric cars that make them expensive, unreliable and impractical for the vast majority of Americans, but the Biden White House wants to force us to buy them anyway, because they know better than automakers, or you, what kind of car you should drive. Now, what I’ve been warning about is starting to happen already.

In Salisbury, England, a Tesla EV whose gauges said its battery still had several miles left, suddenly died in the middle of a busy road. It couldn’t be pushed or towed because the handbrake automatically engaged and couldn’t be released because it’s powered by the battery. It sat there blocking traffic for nine hours until the police found a way to clear it off the highway.

Imagine a typical Los Angeles traffic jam with cars sitting idling already. Now, imagine if even half of those cars were EV’s like that one with their batteries rapidly draining. Those drivers would die of old age before they ever got home.

Also, the floods from Hurricane Idalia have receded in Florida, but the danger isn’t over, if you own an electric car, golf cart or scooter. Even if your EV still runs after being flooded, that doesn’t mean it isn’t irreparably damaged. Even weeks later, the salt water that got in the battery can dry up, leaving salt residue that creates a connection between cells and causes short circuits. Already, two Teslas have reportedly burst into flames. And lithium ion battery fires create toxic smoke and are nearly impossible to put out.

In a famous political ad of the 1960s, Democrats mocked Richard Nixon by asking, “Would you buy a used car from this man?” Well, look at Joe Biden, who had 50 years of experience warming a chair in DC and no experience with auto engineering, and ask yourself, “Would you buy an electric car from this man?”

Yes, there’s an “election cybersecurity infrastructure” linking voting systems to the feds

Some will no doubt look at this story from THE GATEWAY PUNDIT and dismiss it as election conspiracy-theory nonsense, the kind of label that got Mike Lindell’s products (wrongly) pulled from the shelves at Bed, Bath & Beyond.  It’s certainly the kind of story that will get an advertiser-supported newsletter demonetized by Google, which is why we hope you sign up for the Substack edition if you haven’t already.

According to this story, data analysts who’ve been looking into the 2020 election “have concluded that there had to be a two-way connection between local electronics (electronic poll pads, tabulators, election management systems, voter databases, etc.) and a centralized data collection system responsible for monitoring and manipulating the election.”  They suspect that an “incestuous collaboration” (details in the GP report) “allowed for the real-time monitoring of all election data, and, more importantly, THE ABILITY TO CHANGE RESULTS.”  (Emphasis ours.)

They report that a year-long project led by election integrity investigator Sophie Anderson and communications engineer Dr. Charles Bernardin has “uncovered the mechanism that is being used to connect our election equipment at polling places throughout the nation.”  The government, they say, uses a private tool for this called FirstNet, originally sold as a tool to “promote public safety” by connecting police, fire and EMT services.  The scope was then expanded to include “critical infrastructure,” such as transportation, energy and water supplies.

We don’t have the expertise in data analytics it would take to verify the details in their report, but we would be remiss if we didn’t pass the story on to you, particularly after reading an archival story linked to within it.  This is about Barack Obama’s move, just days before he left office (but after Trump was elected), to have the Department of Homeland Security declare ELECTION SYSTEMS to be a part of America’s “critical infrastructure,” just like bridges, waterways and hydroelectric plants.  This was purportedly to maintain election integrity after the Russians had supposedly interfered with the 2016 election (the unspoken part: to help Trump win).  Mustn’t let THAT happen again!

Here’s that story, from January (6th, by coincidence) 2017.  Obama would be leaving the White House on the 20th.  The idea, as reported in THE HILL, was “to bring federal protections to voting systems.”  Many state and local officials, including then-Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp, “expressed strong opposition” to this plan, calling it federal overreach, which it most certainly was.  But DHS Director Jeh Johnson did it anyway.  Homeland Security ranking member Bennie Thompson of Mississippi thought it was a great idea, which should be a big red flag right there.

It can be so fascinating to look back at some of these archival stories in light of what we know today.

Here’s the full, updated story from GATEWAY PUNDIT.  Lots of detail about the network here.  Again, we’re not data analysts or computer network specialists and so can’t assess their work, but just the possibility of something like this should make every county in every state go offline immediately, moving from high-tech “electronic voting systems” to no-tech, old-school paper ballots that can’t possibly be messed with electronically with the flip of a switch.

And whoever wants to suppress our viewpoint needs to know: we’re not trying to destroy faith in our elections.  That’s already out the window, thanks in large part, ironically, to their suppression of information.  On the contrary, we want to help restore that faith, and this appears to be the only way.



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