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July 9, 2024

I know that most Americans don’t have much interest in elections in other nations, but when our longtime allies France and Great Britain take a nosedive into the deep end of an empty pool by electing far-left governments, that bodes very badly not only for all of Europe but the entire world. And ironically, that’s what happened in elections over the Fourth of July week…

Bonchie at has a grim round-up of how the so-called “center left” in France and the UK were so terrified of the rising support for the “far right” (i.e., common sense conservative parties) that they formed coalitions with socialists, communists and greens, and had various candidates strategically drop out so that most of their Parliament seats will now be in the hands of faaaaaar left nutjobs who will destroy their nations, economies and cultures. In France, the “defenders of democracy” were rioting in the streets before the election to protest the idea that anyone might vote for their opponents. But after the left’s victory, many were waving Palestinian flags in celebration. The New York Post’s Jon Levine tweeted, “One thing about France is they never miss an opportunity to surrender their country.”

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The French leftists, having learned nothing from their previous flirtation with socialism, are salivating at the idea of taxing the “rich” at a 90% rate, which will drive all intelligent, productive people and their investment capital out of France. For those who skipped history class, or learned it in a leftwing public school, this happened before when Britain was taxing successful people at a rate that reached over 100% of their income when you added all the taxes together. It resulted in what was called “the Brain Drain” (anyone with a brain fled Britain – sort of like what’s happening now in California) and years of a stagnant economy that Margaret Thatcher finally cleaned up.

It did result in two good things: Thatcher’s adage that “The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money” and this Beatles song:

If you still don’t care about voters in Britain and France committing national suicide, at least take this away from it:

Don’t fall for the lure of doing away with the two-party system in favor of a “coalition of parties,” or for the efforts of Democrats to institute “jungle primaries,” where candidates of all parties vie for the top two spots. That can result in two leftists topping the ticket while Republicans get a plurality of the vote but split it too many ways and come in third. This is how we get Democrats “representing” Republican districts. And communists and Islamists running France. 

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