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September 8, 2022

In Pennsylvania, Democrat Senate candidate John Fetterman has refused to debate Dr. Mehmet Oz, and is apparently relying on the media to cover for him. But as more and more information has come out about his far-left and frankly weird background and previous stances; and as his baffling public appearances have sparked concerns about his mental fitness for the job following his recent stroke.

So far, Fetterman has largely been following the Joe Biden model of hiding in his basement and letting the media campaign for him, but the protective walls are starting to crumble.  The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette just ran an op-ed admitting that Dr. Oz has raised “legitimate concerns” about Fetterman’s health, and a debate is “critical to voters.”

Refusing to debate seems to be something of a trend this year, and it’s happening on both sides. I think all candidates should have to stand up, face each other and defend their positions. That’s providing, of course, that it’s a fair and non-partisan debate and not the kind of one-sided, DNC-choreographed donkey show that the Presidential debates have devolved into.

Personally, I suspect that when Democrats refuse to debate their Trump-endorsed rivals, it’s not just because they can’t defend their own positions but because they’re afraid of blowing their entire false narrative. To listen to the media (something I don’t suggest; we do it so you don’t have to), all Republican candidates, particularly those “Ultra-MAGA” wackos endorsed by Trump, are a bunch of dumb, knuckle-dragging, anti-science morons. It would implode the entire fantasy world they’ve created if viewers actually got to see and hear those candidates unfiltered.

I’ll give you a perfect example: in Michigan, Democrats poured money into helping Trump-endorsed candidate John Gibbs win his House primary because they thought he’d be easier to beat. Maybe that’s because he’s black and they’re racists, but also because they think they can paint him as a wild-eyed EXTREMIST!!

Check out my interview with Gibbs from last weekend’s “Huckabee” on TBN.

I wonder if they realized how incredibly articulate and intelligent he is, or that this person they would love to smear as a know-nothing has degrees from both Stanford and Harvard, worked at HUD managing an $8 billion annual budget, worked in cyber security for Apple, and taught himself several languages, including fluent Japanese while overseeing missionaries in Japan? When you know all that, it becomes a lot harder to believe it when he’s called a dummy on Twitter by underemployed gender studies majors living in their parents’ basements.


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  • T Anonymouos

    09/08/2022 08:17 PM

    I watched one of your shows where they discussed the quality of Republican Senators running in the midterms, namely Herschel Walker and Dr Oz, because they are not the stereotypical politician. But with all the career politicians in the Senate and the House and corruption in the government, I am not convinced that is a bad thing.

    I would far prefer someone who is kind and honest and is running because they genuinely care about their constituents and state representing my interests to someone who gives great speeches but is unethical, manipulative, and more concerned with power and control.

    Inflation is a big concern for me, but after the way the party in power took advantage of Covid to take away our rights and abused their authority, ethics and preventing corruption by one party rule is the biggest issue that will get me out to vote in November.

    Thank you for providing access to truth and a point of view I can actually understand.